Traditional Italian Restaurant

Welcome to Valentino's in York, we are a independent family restaurant who aim to provide the best authentic Italian food in North Yorkshire. If you’re looking for traditional Italian food, make sure you try our unique fresh pasta dishes, they’re a favourite amongst our customers.

Our Italian restaurant is situated in the heart of York, at 78-80 The Mount which is close to the York Racecourse. Reserve a table by calling 01904 733 722 or mail

Indulge in the authentic taste of Italy with our meticulously crafted ravioli, prepared from the freshest, handpicked ingredients sourced daily. Our skilled chefs dedicate their expertise to create these delectable pasta parcels from scratch, ensuring a culinary delight that tantalizes your taste buds. Discover a medley of flavors, with favorites like succulent lobster ravioli and rich lamb ravioli, showcasing the pinnacle of Italian gastronomy available at our restaurant.

Savor a diverse array of starters highlighting the best of local and Italian flavors. Our expansive menu offers an enticing selection, featuring beloved options like creamy mozzarella, garlic mushrooms, and the classic garlic bread. Dive into an enticing antipasto or indulge in the succulence of king prawns, seafood salad, and savory ribs. Delight in the timeless combination of Parma ham and melon or the rich flavors of aubergine parmigiana, among a host of other tempting choices, showcasing the fusion of Italian and local ingredients.

Satisfy your taste buds with our selection of locally sourced sirloin steaks, tender fillet steaks, and beautifully grilled lamb, all bursting with freshness and flavor.Enhancing these prime cuts are our delightful sauces, including the peppery richness of Peppercorn or the exquisite depth of flavor in our red wine sauce.